Looking younger at 40: Tips for men and women

If you want to look younger at 40, you don’t need to make a big effort. The most important thing is not to let getting older drive you crazy and to keep your youthful side.

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Looking Younger at 40 – Tips for Women

To look younger, all you need to do is pay attention to a few details in skin care, styling and lifestyle. But you shouldn’t try to stay young compulsively – a woman at 40 doesn’t have to look like she’s 20.

  • Trends: As a woman in your 40s, you no longer have to follow every fashion trend. Nevertheless, keep an open mind and let yourself be inspired by the current trends: A flowing culotte, long cardigans or accessories in trendy colours make for a fresh look.
  • Materials: Go for high-quality materials such as silk, wool or cashmere. This way you can show that you have a timeless sense of how to dress fashionably and young, yet stylishly.
  • Make-up: Go for a subtle glowy look that makes your skin radiant and complement it with fresh accents of colour on the cheeks, eyelids and lips. Again, follow trends wisely by combining fashionable colours with classic looks.
  • Skin care: For a youthful complexion, use moisturising serums with hyaluron or retinol. In the evening, a rich night cream with nourishing oils will ensure that your face is optimally regenerated.
  • Exercise: To look younger, an active lifestyle is key. Keep your body supple with yoga, Pilates and stretching exercises, and really push yourself now and then with workouts, jogging or Nordic walking.
  • Looking younger at 40: Besides skin care and the right style, exercise is the key to looking young.

How to look younger as a man at 40

The ageing process in men is somewhat different from that in women, although studies show that the differences in skin ageing are less drastic than is generally assumed. One thing is certain, however: wrinkles appear deeper on men.

  • Skin care: As a man, you should therefore focus more on your main skin care if you want to look younger after 40. Always wear adequate sun protection and use moisturising creams with anti-ageing components such as hyaluron.
  • Body hair: To look younger, trim your nose and ear hair regularly. A well-groomed beard is also crucial. The longer the beard, the older you look. Therefore, choose a beard style that is as short as possible.
  • Hair: Not only women but also men may conceal grey hair. Even though silver temples add to a man’s charm, re-colouring can make your appearance appear younger.
  • Clothing: Feel free to try modern cuts, colours and patterns in trousers, shirts and jackets, but don’t frantically try to become a juvenile trendsetter. As a man in your 40s, you should not try to look like a 20-year-old.
  • Sport: A toned, defined body is the best way to look younger. However, you should take Sean Connery in his prime as a role model and not the six-pack of a competitive athlete like David Beckham.

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