7 Reasons Why You Should Start Fitness Boxing Now

When even the public health insurance companies promote fitness boxing, it should be clear to everyone: Fitness boxing really does make you sustainably fit and healthy. It is no longer a niche sport.

Recently, women in particular have become more and more interested in fitness boxing. Reason enough to explain it to you in more detail and to take a closer look at it. In this article you will learn everything about fitness boxing:

What is fitness boxing?
Fitness boxing is a highly effective training method that is mainly based on boxing elements. It combines elements of classical boxing with fitness.

Training takes place in a group, but without a partner. The participants use boxing tools such as sandbags, pads, punching pads and skipping ropes. Everyone trains at their individual performance level according to the trainer’s instructions. Fitness boxing is also known as “manager boxing”.

What are the benefits of fitness boxing?
Fitness boxing can have very different goals for everyone. For some, it means letting off steam after a stressful day, and for others it can simply be a form of training to exercise their whole body.

In any case, fitness boxing means one thing: calorie reduction. You can burn up to 800 calories during a strenuous workout.

The advantage: no black eye at all! Boxing for fitness means fun, stamina, fitness and endurance. As a positive side effect, fitness boxing boosts your own self-confidence.

Through regular training, a significant improvement in flexibility as well as fitness is achieved. This also makes you more resilient and stress-resistant in everyday life.

Fitness boxing promotes positive personality development and has positive effects on motor functions as well as strengthening the central nervous system.

By training in a group, you learn to break your own limits and go beyond yourself, you meet people who are just as enthusiastic about sports and you make new experiences. But you can also box alone during times of lockdown & co. to stay fit.

What is the difference between fitness boxing and boxing?
In contrast to classic boxing, fitness boxing has no partner exercises or exercises for sparring boxing and no competitions. Fitness boxing is boxing without opponents – i.e. without injuries such as a black eye. Fitness boxing concentrates only on boxing training on the equipment and does not involve contact with opponents.

Why is fitness boxing so effective?
Fitness boxing is based on the basic exercises of professional boxing training and combines all the advantages of strength and cardio training. Running, rope jumping, powerful air punches as well as exercises for the abdomen enable an effective whole-body workout.

The varied movement sequences improve the metabolism, strengthen the muscles and promote weight loss. Explosive movements not only provide a high training stimulus, but also constantly challenge the sense of balance and coordination.

Fitness boxing also has an anti-stress effect. It helps to reduce aggression, motivates and promotes an active lifestyle. The fun factor of this popular sport strengthens the social vein and helps to “stay on the ball” in the long term.

If you train regularly, you will already see an effect after three to four weeks. Your body becomes firmer and stronger. You will gain more flexibility and condition and become physically and mentally fitter.

Who is fitness boxing suitable for?
Fitness boxing has hardly any contraindications and can therefore be practised by people of different sexes, ages and physical fitness levels. If you want to get fitter and more confident, fitness boxing is the right choice for you.

Fitness boxing exercises can be performed at different levels of exertion and difficulty and can be adapted to the individual’s state of health and fitness. That is why fitness boxing for women and fitness boxing for beginners are among the most popular workouts.

What types and variations are there in fitness boxing?

1 Tae Bo

Tae Bo is a variation of fitness boxing and combines elements of martial arts with fitness training. The building blocks of boxing, karate, fitness, taekwondo and dancing make Tae Bo an effective full-body workout.

The popular sport enables you to improve your balance, concentration, reaction, strength and reaction speed. The integrated dance movements increase endurance, develop a sense of rhythm, improve coordination and have a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

The fighting elements from boxing and karate make you fit and self-confident. Tae Bo involves a lot of punching, which is perfect for toning your body and losing weight.

2 Boxing Conditioning

Boxing conditioning combines boxing, kickboxing and coordination exercises and is the closest to classic boxing. The training is done with pads and a punching bag. Box conditioning effectively strengthens the body and self-confidence.

3 Box Aerobics

As the name suggests, boxing aerobics combines boxing techniques with dynamic fitness training. Rhythmic movements and dance elements to motivating music make up a large part of the training. Box aerobics works all muscle groups and improves endurance.

4 Body Combat

Developed by renowned New Zealand fitness giant Les Mills, Body Combat is a science-based programme that offers a high-energy workout that works your legs, arms, shoulders and back.

Using elements of boxing and kickboxing, you’ll not only get fit, but improve your flexibility and coordination. After a workout that burns up to 800 kilocalories, you’ll feel energised and motivated.

7 reasons to start fitness boxing:

  1. fitness boxing boosts self-confidence.
    Even if you don’t fight opponents in training: In a pinch, a few boxing skills never hurt. Your appearance will become more confident, also due to the muscles that will put your body in top shape.

In addition, fitness boxing strengthens your muscles, tones your skin and gets your figure in top shape. This increases your self-esteem. You will become more confident and self-assured in all areas of life.

Get fit
There are training plans for everyone. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced boxer, it is always worthwhile to start fitness boxing. Individual training plans offer an ideal way to discover boxing as a fitness to increase physical and mental health.

The combinations of fitness and boxing include not only training with fighting techniques, but also exercises for endurance, coordination and dexterity. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced boxer, it is always worthwhile to start fitness boxing.

However, you can also take a look at the 4 reasons to start martial arts.

Build up strength
Through the intensive training you will gain a lot of strength. Your overall posture will improve and your back pain will disappear. You will master your everyday life in a dynamic and goal-oriented way.

Lose weight
Losing weight with fitness boxing – nothing could be easier! You can burn up to 800 calories in one workout. Wow! The combination of fighting exercises and cardio activates fat-burning processes in the body and enables you to lose weight effectively.

In addition, this trendy sport is a lot of fun. This is how you can lose weight at home thanks to boxing – with great music and a good mood!

Reduce stress
Fitness boxing is the best way to relieve stress after a hard day, let go of pent-up emotions and clear your mind of problems.

You can unload all your accumulated anger and aggression on a punching bag without harming anyone. Plus, physical activity simply makes you happier thanks to the release of happy hormones.

Boost concentration
Fitness boxing promotes tremendous coordination of body and mind. You learn to concentrate better and become more aware of your surroundings. Regular training increases your concentration and alertness, which in turn helps you at work.

Fun with (new) friends
Fitness boxing is often done in a group. This is a perfect way to make new friends. The shared training sessions motivate you and help you achieve your goals.

Boxing is also a great sport for the whole family. The shared sporting hobby not only makes you fit, but also strengthens the bond between parents and children.

Fitness boxing: exercises for at home
If you don’t have the opportunity or time to attend a fitness boxing class, you can easily put together a fitness boxing workout at home. We at GES, in cooperation with one of our licensed boxing trainers, have put together an example of a home workout for you (training time approx. 60 min).

If you want to learn about the basics and exercises of sandbag training, we have created a detailed guide for you here. Let’s go!

Step 1: Warm-up (approx. 15 min)

Loosening up exercises, light dynamic stretching, shadow boxing in front of the mirror.
Rope skipping 3×2 min (1 min break)

Step 2: Technique training

In front of the mirror single punches straight, hooks and combinations workout on the sandbag (approx. 30 min.)
One round consists of 3x 1 min. A total of 8 rounds are trained with 1 min. break between the rounds. 3×8 min. (1 min break)
The rounds are divided as follows:

1 min: alternating 5x sprawl and 40 quick punches against the bag.
1 min: hard lead and punch hand combinations
1 min.: series of 10 punches with max. speed, short breaks in between
Exercises to power out in pyramid form:

You first do one repetition of each exercise, then two, then three up to ten repetitions. Then downwards, so nine, eight, until you get back to one repetition
Exercises: Stretch jump, push-up, abdominal lifts.

Step 3: Cooldown (approx. 10 min.)

Loose running, stretching, shadow boxing or rope skipping with low intensity, stretching
Which boxing gloves are suitable for fitness boxing?
We have already written a detailed guide on boxing gloves. Here you can find out which boxing gloves are best suited for fitness boxing. This is because the high-quality leather boxing gloves that are prescribed for amateur boxing, for example, are not usually used here.

Fitness boxing gloves are usually made of PU synthetic leather material with good quality in a trendy design. Fitness boxing gloves should fit comfortably and be between 10 oz and 14 oz, depending on the body constitution. In principle, inexpensive boxing gloves are sufficient for fitness boxing. An honest recommendation for this is the GES Boxing Gloves Classic.

The best music for fitness boxing
The music should match the speed of the workout. Fast beats or music by Rocky are best. Rock or heavy metal is just as suitable. Music is an integral part of fitness boxing.

It motivates and keeps you focused and concentrated. We have picked out a perfect one-hour mix for you to learn boxing at home:

Fitness Boxing Starter Set from GES
If you are now keen on this great sport, all you need is the right equipment for fitness boxing.

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